Corona Canvas Terms & Conditions

1 These terms & conditions, together with the Site's General Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy as updated from time to time, will govern your ("you, your") use of Corona Canvas ("us, we, our, Company"). Corona Canvas is a platform to give you the opportunity to contribute to creation (Contribution) to a collection of artistic works brought together as a single canvas of interconnecting works (the Canvas) and to introduce you to other contributors to spaces adjoining yours on the Canvas as advertised.

2 The term "our" or "us" or "we" refers to the owner of the Site, Connecting Canvases Ltd whose trading address is The Old Dairy, Greenhall Farm, Bramfield, Hertfordshire, SG14 2QT. The term "you" refers to the user or viewer of our Site.

3 In return for the Fee paid, or Voucher redeemed, by you, you will be i) given an opportunity to place your Contribution on a specified space on the Canvas and ii) invited to connect with other individuals contributing to spaces adjacent to yours on the Canvas. You have no right to payment of any expenses. Your space will be kept open for a period of 7 days in which to upload your Contribution. If you do not meet that deadline your opportunity will be lost without right to a refund.

4 You hereby acknowledge and accept that only those over the age of 14 may consent to these terms and the use of and dealings with the Contribution. Those who are under the age of 14 can only participate with the Corona Canvas project by their parent or legal guardian providing that consent on their behalf. By accepting these terms you are representing that you are either over the age of 14 or are the parent or legal guardian providing consent on the person's behalf.

Should the person providing the Contribution be a minor you, as legal parent or guardian must agree to these terms and conditions on their behalf and accept the obligations hereunder as if you were accepting them personally. In order to maintain accurate records you acknowledge that we will keep your personal details on file in association with the Contribution.

5 Part of our service to you is long term. This includes keeping a record of ownership of intellectual property rights in the Canvas, being able to supply you with various views of the Canvas for you to purchase in the future, keeping you up to date with the use and circulation of the Canvas for example at exhibitions and informing you of new Canvas artwork opportunities. Whilst part of the contract with you, this will also affect our use of limited personal data about you. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information.

6 The "Contribution" shall mean any graphic work, drawing, sketch, picture, diagram, map, chart, character, or any other illustration that you create and upload to fit in your space on the Canvas, including such words and phrases as are incorporated into the body of the illustrations.

7 Together you and us agree that you shall provide your non-exclusive services to us in developing the Canvas. The Fee or Voucher includes VAT at applicable rates.

8 You undertake that all your Contribution will be your own original work and contribution unless based upon or incorporating material specifically included at our request. For the avoidance of doubt you and us acknowledge and accept that each Contribution may reflect and be reflected by the Contributions of neighouring spaces on the Canvas.

9 You undertake that your Contribution shall not contain anything that is an infringement of copyright or any other right of any third party or is defamatory or obscene or will expose the Company to criminal or civil proceedings. You undertake to indemnify us against all liabilities, claims, demands, actions, costs, damages or loss arising out of any breach or alleged breach by failing in your obligation under this clause save that we agree to provide full details of any such event to you at the earliest opportunity and shall not settle any such matter without first consulting you.

10 In the event that circumstances arise which give reasonable cause for action to be taken against any third party by virtue of a breach of the Company's proprietary or intellectual property rights of any kind, you shall provide such reasonable assistance to Company, at Company's expense, as is required to protect such rights.

11 You agree that we shall have the final editorial decision in all aspects of displaying the Contribution within the Canvas and shall be entitled to alter, amend, adapt, edit and delete the Canvas or parts thereof as is seen fit. For the avoidance of doubt we also retain the right to exclude or amend any Contribution incorporating material of an advertising nature unless it is done so in the spirit of a community work of art or is specifically included in the Canvas with our agreement. We shall not be obliged to include your Contribution in the Canvas.

12 Further you agree that we shall have the sole discretion as to the manner and method to be used in the production and exploitation of the whole or part of the Canvas and that no sums shall be due to you whether by way of royalty, fees or other flowing from that exploitation. For these purposes, part of the Canvas can include as little as a single Contribution together with all that Contribution's immediate adjoining spaces. Clause 18 below shall be read in light of this meaning.

13 You agree that we shall have no obligation to credit or acknowledge you or your Contribution when exploiting the Canvas.

14 You agree that we shall be entitled to assign transfer sub-license or otherwise exploit any rights granted in the Contributions after inclusion in the Canvas.

15 You confirm that you have full power and authority to enter into this Agreement and that you are not bound by any previous agreement that adversely affects this Agreement.

16 You agree not to disclose the identity and/or contact details of another contributor's details of which you have been given for the purposes of creating a contribution to the Canvas. You agree that you may be contacted through the Canvas by other potential contributors with space immediately adjoining your space via the anonymous contact facility. You have no obligation to enter into such contact however we ask that you enter into the community art project if possible. You are not required to share personal identifying information during such interactions and please be careful when considering whether in fact to do so.

17 We undertake that any material produced under this Agreement shall not be used in an offensive, defamatory or derogatory manner in respect of your individual reputation. Unless specifically agreed to the contrary in writing we further undertake that we will not use your name or other clear identifying mark in our exploitation of the Canvas and may amend the Contribution in order to avoid such use. Other than these obligations on our part, you hereby agree to waive all Moral Rights of whatsoever nature in the exploitation of your Contribution in the Canvas.

18 We confirm and undertake that the Company shall be the sole owner of and/or control­ all copyright and any other rights in the Canvas, subject to any assignment as permitted by this Agreement.

19 You hereby assign to us the sole and exclusive rights in all media and exploitation thereby whether now known or hereinafter invented in the Contribution as displayed as part of the Canvas throughout the World for the full period of copyright and any extensions or renewals including but not limited to:

18.1 all forms of television, digital, cable, satellite;

18.2 all forms of video;

18.3 merchandising, publishing, advertising media;

18.4 interactive, multi-media, electronic information, storage and dissemination.

20 You agree that by uploading your Contribution you are entering into this Agreement, however you further agree on request to execute and sign any other documents that may be required at a later date to effect or evidence the assignment to the Company.

21 For the avoidance of doubt your assignment of rights to the Company in your Contribution does not extend to your right to exploit your own artistic work created in pursuance of providing a contribution to the Canvas when exploited on its own. You agree that by sending us the Contribution that this gives you no rights in the whole or any part of the Canvas including your Contribution as part of the Canvas.

22 The parties agree that any representation, promise or undertaking, whether provided by either party in writing or verbally, shall not be binding unless specifically set out as a term of this Agreement. This Agreement sets out the entire terms agreed and any amendment or variation must be in writing and signed by both parties in one document. The Company may assign, transfer, charge or make over this Agreement or any of its rights or obligations to any third party. This Agreement is not intended to confer any rights or obligations upon any third party that is not a signatory to this Agreement.

23 Only to the extent permitted by law, our liability to you shall be limited to £1 per contribution.

24 This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. In the event of a dispute arising out of this agreement, the parties agree to seek to resolve any such matter as speedily and efficiently as they can without resorting to formal legal proceedings (except for urgent injunctive relief) by entering and attending mediation prior to the bringing of proceedings, with a mediator chosen by the Chairman of the Bar Council of England if not agreed by the parties. Should mediation fail, the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute in this Agreement